Keeping Vigil

Keeping vigil takes a lot of energy!!
Staying awake and alert – being vigilant – can be hard work!!

Almost 71/2 years ago I spent 5 weeks here at Catherine’s Residence “keeping vigil” with my Mom during her last 5 weeks of this life until she crossed over into her “new life.” I remember the long days and seemingly endless nights wondering when the angel of death would arrive. Each day I asked myself, “Would this be the day?” There were several times during those weeks when I leaned over my Mom and whispered in her ear, “Mom, today would be a great day for you to cross over.” (I was getting tired!!) She would give me a gentle nudge as if to say, “Honey, it’s not time yet.” And so I kept waiting… but I didn’t wait alone.

The community “kept vigil” with me…Sisters Giles, Geralda, Bernadette, Angelita, and Roland made sure I ate and took breaks while they stayed with my Mom… and Agnes made sure I took walks outside…she even did my laundry a few times! I didn’t wait alone during that tender time. The community “kept vigil” with me, lovingly and faithfully.

This evening we gather once again as a community “keeping vigil” together. It is not as if we don’t know what happened that first Easter morning. We do. Rather we gather to remember that what happened to Jesus is promised to us… not only someday in the future, but right now! Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans that by virtue of our baptism we are intimately united with Jesus in his life, death and resurrection. We carry within us the energy/power of Risen Life.

When we look at our world, we see what a mess it is…and it is a mess! We wonder, “Will this be the day:
*when Dreamers no longer fear deportation?
*when young people are free to learn or to walk the streets of their neighborhoods without worrying if they will be victims of gun violence?
*when Earth is reverenced as revelation of the Creator?
*when every person is honored as the presence of God regardless of race or creed?
*when war is no longer considered a path to peace?”

And yet, in the midst of escalating fear, isolation and violence the power of resurrection is at work. Every time we are awakened by the cries of suffering people…every time we choose to respond to those cries with works of justice and mercy (in whatever way we can), we are raised up and we in turn raise others, as well.

The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate revolution…though it be peaceful in the radical transformation it births. Death, in all its forms, no longer has power over us. Love has conquered sin and death once and for all. We need not fear to be who we are!

If you watched the news on television last weekend you sw the massive crowds across the world “Marching for Our Lives” led by fearless young people. What a powerful example of the revolution of resurrection at work!!!

Tonight we remember Jesus, the Risen One, raised from the dead and brought to new life by the One Who “kept vigil” with him, lovingly and faithfully. It was the God of Jesus Who awakened him to the cries of suffering people so that Jesus might “keep vigil” with them while on their own journey of transformation. As followers of Jesus, we, too, are called to “keep vigil” with our broken world. It is the same God who “vigils” with us…holding us with all of our questions, our longings, our fears, our betrayals and our hopes to make the reign of God real in our day.

The Spirit of Jesus fills us with the energy we need to be a reconciling presence of Mercy in a world desperately longing to be made whole.
Recall if you will, the mission to which our Community Leadership Team has called us:
“Be a sanctuary of peace in the world-
Grow in the practice of non-violence.
Promote a bold revolution of tenderness.
Speak a word of comfort to our suffering world.

We rejoice that our God is a God of Life who summons us to come forth from our tombs to be made new again. We celebrate that our God beckons us to unleash the power of resurrection in our day.

Catherine McAuley once wrote these encouraging words: Pray for your portion of the Easter Grace…do not give up until all is given you!!

Yes, “keeping vigil’ takes a lot of energy. It can be hard work. But the burden is lightened when we “keep vigil” together, lovingly and faithfully.

Indeed, it IS time for us to sing those Alleluias!!!

Ginger Andrews, RSM

Holy Saturday Homily, Easter Vigil Liturgy

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  1. Ginger, this is a wonderful reflection. I found the thoughts concerning your Mom to be so true and loving. Thank you for sharing this.

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