Finding God and a Way Forward in a Jarring and Unsettling Time

For many people, myself included, these past days, weeks, and months have been challenging. Immigrant children remain separated from their parents, many of whom have since been deported to the countries from which they tried to escape. Lies, confusion, and cover-up at the highest levels are the norm instead of the exception. Trade wars, to a degree unprecedented since the 1930s (before some of us were born), are like a tit for tat ping-pong match between countries and nations with the “least of these” most impacted. Smartphones wake us up in the morning (or the middle of the night) with the latest tweet of aggressive initiation or angry response. And the leadership of institutions, mainline Protestant and evangelical churches, and the Roman Catholic Church are being challenged with the questions “what have you done,” “what are you doing,” and “will you not stop” violating those most vulnerable.

Where are you God in the midst of this cacophony and chaos? What can we hold onto and believe?

I believe that You are lovingly present in, with, and for all of creation. I believe that Your mercy, compassion, and healing are surrounding and enfolding all who have been harmed in any way under any circumstances. I believe that You will bring justice to those who use their power to oppress the child, the poor, the immigrant, the outcast.

I believe that You call each one of us to examine our own action and inaction, to repent, to change, to make amends and restitution. I believe that You call us to listen to the truth spoken by those who have been victimized and not discount or dismiss it but hold it tenderly and compassionately in a sacred trust. I believe that You call us to speak the truth and stand up for those who live in fear, to be the voice for the voiceless, to support efforts to end oppression and to hold accountable those who abuse their power and abuse others.

I didn’t wake up today with the intent of writing this post, and yet all that it says has been weighing on my heart. When it erupted unbidden, with an urgency to share it, I let it flow. May we open ourselves to the ways in which the Source of Life, Source of Love, and Ground of our Being wants to work through our hearts, hands, and voices.

Dawn Stringfield
August 24, 2018

10 thoughts on “Finding God and a Way Forward in a Jarring and Unsettling Time”

  1. Your words reflect those in my own heart and mind, Dawn. Thanks for the beautiful expression of what we all hope and pray for. Barb Wright

    1. Thank you, Barb. It is gift to know that through the years and across the miles, there is still so much that resonates between us.

  2. Thank you Dawn………it is good that God is in charge and will bring all to truth and justice as we pray for a lasting peace and Mercy in our fractured world. Jeanette Noonan,RSM

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