reflections, spirituality

The Lily Pool

June 14, 2019

I was on my way to the cathedral today for some time of quiet reflection and unexpectedly stumbled upon a lily pool. I sat on a bench nearby intending to continue on a few minutes later. I never made it to the cathedral because I had the experience of God I needed right there in the lily pads.

The Lily Pool

Delicate green lily pads float on the serene water
Lilies sprouting from the luscious shades of green
The sun peeking through the clouds glistens
A light breeze whispers a word of peace
Peering into the water I see my reflection
Calling me to stillness and quiet with God
A spirit of joy blossoms in my heart
As I recall the narrative of my life
And anticipate with excitement the next chapter

–Sister Marissa Butler