Sacred Spaces

Our wooded 70+ acre campus in west St. Louis County is located away from main roadways and offers a quiet location for prayer and reflection, both indoors and in the beauty of nature.

We also offer these spaces for prayer and reflection:


  • Main chapel – round space with chairs/kneelers and the front altar, available for group worship or individual prayer
  • Blessed Sacrament chapel – an intimate space for personal prayer, including our tabernacle
Stations of the Cross


  • Stations of the Cross – a circular path for prayer in a wooded setting
  • Marian grotto – a quiet devotional setting modeled after the grotto in Lourdes, France
  • Labyrinth – an 11 circuit labyrinth, modeled after the one in Chartres Cathedral in France, perfect for walking meditation
  • Cosmic Walk – A walking path leads to an outdoor depiction of the Universe Story