Spiritual Offerings

praying candles-158061693Mercy Conference and Retreat Center serves as a place to follow the deep human longing to come away for a while, to find a place apart in which to connect more deeply with God, one’s self, nature and community.

Programs: Mercy Center sponsors programs promoting spirituality, faith formation, mindfulness, and various aspects of human development. These programs encourage and empower individuals to greater depth and breadth in their spiritual journeys.
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  • We collaborate with individuals and organizations to ensure that programming remains relevant and responsive to an ever-changing population. 

  • The Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas—women, immigration, nonviolence, anti-racism, and earth—are woven into our programs.

Ongoing Spiritual Direction:  Mercy Center can provide connection to trained spiritual directors to support individuals in their spiritual journey.
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Types of Retreats: Mercy Center provides private, directed, and guided
retreats for various lengths of time.   Learn More