Individual and Group Retreats

GardenOur times and our culture have great need for quiet spaces that heal the human heart, for safe places for dialogue, and sacred landscapes that draw the human spirit to find God present in all life’s experiences. – Tom Gedeon, SJ

Mercy Center offers three types of retreat to meet your spiritual needs:

  • Private retreat– An individual retreat, usually of 1 – 5 days duration, allows you the freedom to enjoy solitude, silence, and time for personal prayer and reflection. There are no structured activities during this retreat.  14 days advance registration by phone is required.
  • Directed Retreats – An individual silent retreat, usually of 1 – 5 days duration,   provides a daily meeting with a spiritual director. According to your needs, the director may suggest Scripture passages or prayer forms to use during the rest of the day which is spent in quiet prayer and reflection. Advance registration by phone is required.
  • Guided Group Retreat – A silent retreat in which a presenter usually provides two sessions of input for a group on a particular theme. This input provides guidance for the rest of the day which is spent in personal reflection and prayer. The retreat may include a session of dialogue or faith-sharing. Mercy Center offers shorter guided retreats during Advent and Lent and a longer guided retreat in the spring.